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          About US

          品牌定位 用心服务 帮您实现机械设备品牌价值

          Company profile

          Freund Mado (Beijing) Food Machinery and Technology Co., Ltd. is officially formed on Jan. 01, 2016 in Beijing China,, from the former MADO Beijing of which German FREUND Slaughter-Tools took over the majority of that joint-venture. This is an important advancement in respect of international market navigation from Freund Germany after her branches in Spain, Great Britain and Austria, and also the provisions to old and new customers, , with a more complete product range and solid service.  

          As the majority shareholder of the company, Freund Germany starting from more than 100 years ago engaged in the meat processing industry particularly in pig, cattle and sheep slaughtering and cutting fields with tools and technologies, of which the development, manufacture, sales and services are in the leading position in the industry globally.

          While the brand name “Mado” also enjoyed 30 years international experiences in the development, production and sales of the high quality meat processing machinery. The main products such as grinder, grinder with mixing, table band saw and bowl cutter etc. are designed and manufactured continuously in accordance with the latest CE Criteria and it has gained successful experience in China for more than 10 years. These products are warmly welcomed in the market both in China and abroad. 

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          Let value sharing record the pace of enterprise development
          南非共和国(英语:The Republic of South Africa),简称南非。地处南半球,有“彩虹之国”之美誉,位于非洲大陆的最南端,陆地面积为121...


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